Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I receive offers for my property all the time, why should I choose “Fireman Buys Land?”

A: We are trustworthy. Just like firefighters, we value integrity and transparency. As experienced land investors, we specialize in purchasing vacant land from owners just like you. You can count on us to provide honest and fair offers for your land.

Q: I dont want to submit my property through this site, can I call instead?

A: Absolutely! We want to speak with you. Feel free to call us any time. We would love to discuss the possibility of purchasing your land. Call us now! 904-853-3333

Q: What are the benefits of submitting my property information on this website?

A: Once you submit your property information via our website, we will be notified immediately via email. This is often times faster than a phone call. We will begin to gather all the appropriate information needed concerning your specific property and the local market. We will reach out to you if we have any other questions. If not, we will get an offer to you as soon as possible.

Q: Is there a cost for your services?

A: Never. Not a single penny. The amount that we offer you is the amount that you will take home after closing.

Q: How quickly can you make me an offer?

A: There is never any obligation or hassle. Once you tell us a little about your property we will then study the market and comparable properties. Within 48 hours we will have an offer for you. It is completely up to you if you decide to sell or not. There is no risk, no obligation or hassle.

Q: You sent me a purchase agreement, what is that?

A: Congratulations! A purchase agreement from us is a detailed explanation listing the amount that we will pay for your land as well as describing the exact process of how we will purchase it. Once all parties have signed we can begin the closing process and get you paid as soon as possible.

Q: How will I get paid for my property?

A: Most of the time we use a professional title company to handle the closing process, but don’t worry we will pay for their services. The title company will either send you a check in the mail or wire the money directly to you. We usually close in less than 30 days.